Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any maximum number of participants from each institution? What is the maximum number of participants in each group?
    We do not limit the number of teams per institution submitting their technical poster. However, only the best teams or the finalists will be shortlisted for the day of the event. To make the prizes attractive, your team can only comprise not more than five participants.

  2. Besides the scale models, what would be useful to help win the competition?
    You can prepare a multimedia/powerpoint presentation. However, you will need to bring your own laptop or projector. You are encouraged to do anything else apart from the scale model which you think will help you win the prize.

  3. Besides the first three prizes, what will each participant get?
    Each participant will be given a Certificate of Participation. In addition, the champion will receive a trophy which will be displayed at their institution of higher learning.

  4. How can we find out the latest information about this competition? Is it important for us to know any latest rules or regulations that will be set?
    You should visit our website from time to time to check out the latest update on our rules and regulations. From time to time, we will post our annoucements on this site. Yes, it is important for you to check the updates in order to comply with any additional rules that we set for the competition. We advise you to frequently check the updates.

  5. Are we expected to pay a participating fee?
    No, we believe that as young and growing up adults, you will show a high degree of commitment to this competition once you submit your registration. Besides, your institution would be serious about its own reputation. This competition is not a profit making exercise but an expression of our commitment towards the development of design and innovative capability of our undergraduates.

  6. Are we required to use Nehemiah Wall in all our constructions?
    While we encourage the participants to think of Nehemiah Wall as the solution, we do allow some degree of flexibility for students to come up with their own solutions. However, as this competition is based on a real situation where Nehemiah Wall is being used, participating teams should therefore take this opportunity to learn more about the solution. They can however look at ways to use the Nehemiah Wall system in a creative way to either enhance its structural integrity or improve the aesthetics of the wall.

  7. How much time do we have to set up the scale model on the day of the event?
    We suggest that you build your scale model in your own university's workshop before bringing it on the day of the competition. You will have time in the first part of the morning to reconstruct your models.

  8. Is our institution allowed to publicize the event?
    Yes, of course. We welcome publicity of any form to make this event a success. The organizers will decide whether it will be an event worth undertaking annually. It will depend on the enthusiasm that we see in the participating teams and institutions.

  9. Why is the event held this year at the Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur?
    We were invited to organise this event in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Slope, Malaysia 2015 organised by the Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM).

  10. What is a technical poster? Why the need to submit a technical poster?
    The technical poster should not be larger than two A1 sized paper. The technical poster should depict hand drawn colored sketches of your solution presenting 2 views; namely the front elevation view and a typical cross section. The technical poster should have a brief description explaining the technical specifications: type of building materials used concrete, steel, timber etc; the size of the structure and construction methodology.

    The submission of the technical poster is essential as it is part of the prequalification process. Technical posters shall be evaluated for its originality, creativity, innovation, practicality, etc and only outstanding submissions shall be selected and notified for qualification in the finals of the competition.Participants who have not qualified for the finals will not be notified and they need not build the scale models.

  11. How do I build the scale models?
    Only participants notified for qualification into the finals of the competition need to build the scale models. You may build the scale models using any raw materials such as styrofoam, recycled materials, cement, paper, cardboard, metal, wood, glue, nails, wire etc. However, the building cost should not exceed RM 200.00. The size of the scale model should not exceed 1.0m length x 0.5m width x 0.5m height

  12. Will the scale models be subject to any form of loading test?
    No. The scale models are purely for display purposes only.

  13. Do we need to consider the actual cost of construction?
    Yes, your solution must be practical with emphasis on cost effectiveness, time saving and space constraint.

  14. Can we use the solutions from previous years?
    No. All ideas and solutions to the problem must be ORIGINAL and ideas that use solutions from previous years will be disqualified.

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