Segmental Wall is a reinforced soil system which is consists of concrete blocks stacked together and reinforced with geogrid. It is ideal for housing retaining wall where aesthetics is a prime concern.

From light landscape terraces to major structural wall, the Segmental Wall will cover our landscape. Design with fluid curves or strong straight lines. Add angles, corners and stairway detail. Change color, shape or size. Segmental Wall gives you unlimited design option.

Typical Section of Segmental Wall
Built-in Drainage


  • Mortarless construction
    -No footings
    -No mortar
    -No grout
  • Engineering features
    -Built-in interlock
    -Built-in setback
    -Built-in drainage
  • Hollow-core system


  • Fluid curves
  • Clean lines
  • Stone texture
  • Angles & corners
  • Natural colors


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