Slope Stabilization Solution


GreenMur® & Rock-finished GreenMur® are engineered geotextile reinforced slope that exploit the lastest geosynthetics soil reinforcing technology to simultaneously reinforced and drain the soil backfill. The geotextile is made of high strength woven polyester yarn stitched bonded onto a nonwoven needlepunched continuous filament geotextile. The unique feature of the geotextile is that the nonwoven component serves the in-plane drainage function in addition to the reinforcing function of the woven component. The in-plane drainage function of the geotextile is of particular importance for the stability of GreenMur® because the backfill material of poor draining lateritic cohesive frictional fill. The facing is topped with vegetation or rock finish. It is ideal for slope stabilisation.

Schematic representation of
Nehemiah wall Systems
Typical Section of GreenMur
Typical Section of Rock-finished GreenMur
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  1. Cost effective and permanent solution
  2. Easy installation and transportation-ideal for remote areas
  3. Reuses selected local soil as backfill
  4. Environmental friendly vegetation finish
  5. Superior rock finish for river bank protection
    - A total maintenance free solution

Services Provided
Professional servies provided free of charge are as follows :

  1. Design computations
  2. Construction drawings
  3. Material and construction specification
  4. Cost estimate
  5. Construction advise and assistance



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